The Equifax Crime

As terrible as are the criminals that hacked into Equifax, and stole our personal information, EquiFax is arguably the bigger criminal. They established themselves as gatekeepers of our personal data and then were incompetent in its protection. There‚Äôs a lot more to be said about the credit industry and their behavior, but this post it […]

What Group(s) Is a Contact a Member of?

Using Groups allows us to organize our Contacts and an individual contact can be a member of multiple Groups (or none). To easily determine all Groups for a particular contact: Open the Mac OS X Contacts app. Highlight a particular contact. Press the Option/Alt key. Within the Groups list (left column), any group containing the […]

Adobe Flash & Safari

You may find it useful to manage the use of Adobe Flash within Safari. Open Safari Preferences Click the Security tab Click Plug-in Settings Flash Plugin Click the Adobe Flash Player in the left column. Flash Activation For each website that you’ve visited, that uses Flash, there’s an entry in this table. Each can be […]

Adobe Flash & Safe Updates

Do you really need to update Flash or is someone trying to scam you? If you’re not sure how to determine if a Flash update window is genuine, DO NOT DO IT! Adobe Flash Player is generally used within web browsers. Anything from video to games may require it. But, if you can get by […]

OS X (10.12 Sierra, 10.11 el Capitan) – Email Address Management – Contacts with multiple email addresses

When creating a new email to my brother, his home address auto-completes when I type his name. I want is work address to be automatic. Here’s the fix. Open the Contacts, Edit Distribution List… From the Contacts app, use the Edit menu to open Edit Distribution List… Select the desired Group. Click on a Group, […]


Some general information about passwords and security. Remembering Your Passwords To simplify recalling passwords, it’s easiest to reuse the same one – or maybe just a few. For online web passwords, this is an enormous security risk as outlined by Gary Rosenzweig at MacMost. If all your passwords are unique, you need a system to […]

Install TeamViewer – Mac

Installing TeamViewer enables you to share your screen with someone in another location. Download TeamViewer Go to the TeamViewer website. Download TeamViewer by clicking the Download button. Mount the TeamViewer disk image Wait for the download to complete. Double-click the dmg file. In Safari (shown): Click the Downloads button. Double-Click the TeamViewer icon. You can […]

Securely Encrypting Files – Windows

Sharing documents that contain sensitive, personal information, can be risky. Varying levels of identity theft can result if your documents aren’t properly protected. There are any number of methods to securely share such documents. Here are a few of the simpler methods: Print the documents, or copy the files onto portable media (CD or flash […]