Capture individual frames of your movie.

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Unlike QuickTime Pro 7,¬†Apple’s new QuickTime Player 10 has lost its ability to capture and export individual movie frames. One solution is to use Google’s free¬†Picasa Read more...

Listen to your computer’s audio in another room – wirelessly

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My wife and I built a new home a few years ago and included lots of low voltage wiring. This wiring provides for security, audio, video, and computer networking. The audio system I installed is pretty robust and allows for a variety of audio sources, including any of our Macintosh computers. Being able to use the computer as an audio source allows internet audio streams like Pandora and local audio like iTunes to be shared. Read more...

Nikon 5700 trouble

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My Nikon 5700 died a few months ago while we were on a trip to the North-West. My wife had been yearning for a new pocket camera anyway so we picked up a Nikon CoolPix S630 to complete the trip. It has lots of nice features and very easy to use. Read more...


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After a fairly modest web presence for the past ten years, I’ve finally moved up to a more dynamic web site. Thanks to WordPress and the entire WP community!