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The Equifax Crime

As terrible as are the criminals that hacked into Equifax, and stole our personal information, EquiFax is arguably the bigger criminal. They established themselves as gatekeepers of our personal data and then were incompetent in its protection. There’s a lot more to be said about the credit industry and their behavior, but this post it to provide guidance about what to do and my personal experience in doing it.

Update: 20 Oct 2017

It appears that the best advice is to put a freeze on you credit reports. It can cost a bit to unlock the reports if you need credit, but a freeze is more secure than a lock. Why a Credit Freeze is Better Than a Credit Lock Here’s freeze information provided by John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight TV program. Freeze Your Credit File If you prefer information directly from the US government: Credit Freeze FAQs

Check to see if your data has been stolen:

  • To to Equifax.
  • Click the button Enroll to Protect & Monitor Credit – Free


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What Group(s) Is a Contact a Member of?

Using Groups allows us to organize our Contacts and an individual contact can be a member of multiple Groups (or none). To easily determine all Groups for a particular contact: Read more...

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