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OS X – Email Address Management – Contacts with multiple email addresses

The problem… “When creating a new email to my brother, his work address auto-completes when I type his name. I want is home address to be automatic.” The fix… Open the Mail, Address Panel From the Mail program, use the Window menu to open the Address Panel. Select the desired Contact. Find your brother in […]

OS X Mail Attachments Missing

Occasionally we get email that should have an attachment but it doesn’t seem to be there. One way you can check for any missing attachment(s) is by¬†using a web browser to log on to your email account. However, any attachment(s) may already be downloaded to your computer. To find out: Select the email in question […]

Remove “ghost” email addresses from Apple’s Mail

When you create a new message in Apple’s Mail program, and start typing an address, the program tries to help by offering a list of suggestions. Pretty convenient unless the list has a bunch of old, and wrong, addresses. The suggestion list is pulled from your Address Book and from previous emails you’ve sent. You […]