Category: Troubleshooting

Safari blank page when visiting

When I navigate to an Apple Knowledge Base article, all I get is a blank page. Here’s a fix. Note: This problem has existed for some time… Safari 8.0.2, OS X 10.10.1 Yosemite. Open the Safari Preferences Click Privacy Show the list of stored cookies. Click Details… Delete the cookie Type apple in the […]

OS X Mail Attachments Missing

Occasionally we get email that should have an attachment but it doesn’t seem to be there. One way you can check for any missing attachment(s) is by¬†using a web browser to log on to your email account. However, any attachment(s) may already be downloaded to your computer. To find out: Select the email in question […]

iOS 5 – iPhoto albums won’t copy to iPad 2

After upgrading all my iGadgets to iOS 5, I couldn’t sync a photo album of our trip to Peru ,with the iPad. There were pics from three different cameras (iPhone, Nikon, and Samsung) but only the iPhone images were transferring. I tried a number of web recommendations without success. Make sure the image file extensions […]

Remove “ghost” email addresses from Apple’s Mail

When you create a new message in Apple’s Mail program, and start typing an address, the program tries to help by offering a list of suggestions. Pretty convenient unless the list has a bunch of old, and wrong, addresses. The suggestion list is pulled from your Address Book and from previous emails you’ve sent. You […]

Time Machine Backup Trouble

If your Time Machine backup fails, try these fixes: