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Safari blank page when visiting

When I navigate to an Apple Knowledge Base article, all I get is a blank page. Here’s a fix. Read more...

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OS X Mail Attachments Missing

Occasionally we get email that should have an attachment but it doesn’t seem to be there. Read more...

iOS 5 – iPhoto albums won’t copy to iPad 2

After upgrading all my iGadgets to iOS 5, I couldn’t sync a photo album of our trip to Peru ,with the iPad. There were pics from three different cameras (iPhone, Nikon, and Samsung) but only the iPhone images were transferring. Read more...

Remove “ghost” email addresses from Apple’s Mail

When you create a new message in Apple’s Mail program, and start typing an address, the program tries to help by offering a list of suggestions. Pretty convenient unless the list has a bunch of old, and wrong, addresses.
The suggestion list is pulled from your Address Book and from previous emails you’ve sent. You can edit the list of Previous Recipients, remembered by Mail, by using this menu selection:

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Time Machine Backup Trouble

If your Time Machine backup fails, try these fixes: Read more...