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Some general information about passwords and security. Remembering Your Passwords To simplify recalling passwords, it’s easiest to reuse the same one – or maybe just a few. For online web passwords, this is an enormous security risk as outlined by Gary Rosenzweig at MacMost. If all your passwords are unique, you need a system to […]

iOS 5 – iPhoto albums won’t copy to iPad 2

After upgrading all my iGadgets to iOS 5, I couldn’t sync a photo album of our trip to Peru ,with the iPad. There were pics from three different cameras (iPhone, Nikon, and Samsung) but only the iPhone images were transferring. I tried a number of web recommendations without success. Make sure the image file extensions […]

iPhoto Library Sharing

Sharing a networked iPhoto (currently ’09, v8.x) library can provide access for multiple users.

A Bigger Hard Drive – Free!

Use Monolingual ($free, 522 KB) to remove unwanted language resources from OS X. This can sometimes recover upwards of 200 MB of hard drive space! Some users report a 700 MB savings! ——- Update 12-6-2009, transferred to WP