RedEye #1: Pioneer Receiver Network Settings (VSX-1121-K)

For the VSX to be controlled externally via IP, you must turn on Network Standby and determine the port number and MAC address. VSX Home Menu Press RECEIVER. Press HOME MENU. VSX System Setup Down-arrow to 4. System Setup Press ENTER VSX Network Setup Down-arrow to d. Network Setup Press ENTER VSX Network Standby Down-arrow […]

OS X Mail Attachments Missing

Occasionally we get email that should have an attachment but it doesn’t seem to be there. One way you can check for any missing attachment(s) is by using a web browser to log on to your email account. However, any attachment(s) may already be downloaded to your computer. To find out: Select the email in question […]

iOS 5 – iPhoto albums won’t copy to iPad 2

After upgrading all my iGadgets to iOS 5, I couldn’t sync a photo album of our trip to Peru ,with the iPad. There were pics from three different cameras (iPhone, Nikon, and Samsung) but only the iPhone images were transferring. I tried a number of web recommendations without success. Make sure the image file extensions […]

Remove “ghost” email addresses from Apple’s Mail

When you create a new message in Apple’s Mail program, and start typing an address, the program tries to help by offering a list of suggestions. Pretty convenient unless the list has a bunch of old, and wrong, addresses. The suggestion list is pulled from your Address Book and from previous emails you’ve sent. You […]

iPhoto Library Sharing

Sharing a networked iPhoto (currently ’09, v8.x) library can provide access for multiple users.

Printing Large Images – Topo Maps

I’m working on a project that references USGS topographical maps (topo maps). I’ve found a Google Earth, KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file that allows downloading free USGS 7.5 minute topo maps by simply clicking on an area of interest from within Google Earth. The free KML is can be downloaded from Digital Data Services. It downloads […]

Time Machine Backup Trouble

If your Time Machine backup fails, try these fixes:

Capture individual frames of your movie.

Unlike QuickTime Pro 7, Apple’s new QuickTime Player 10 has lost its ability to capture and export individual movie frames. One solution is to use Google’s free Picasa After downloading, installing, and launching, Picasa will will search your hard drive for all media files, including movies. Use the sidebar (or search) to navigate to the desired movie. […]


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