Securely Encrypting Files – Mac OS X

Sharing documents that contain sensitive, personal information, can be risky. Varying levels of identity theft can result if your documents aren’t properly protected. There are any number of methods to securely share such documents. Here are a few of the simpler methods: Print the documents, or copy the files onto portable media (CD or flash […]

Safari blank page when visiting

When I navigate to an Apple Knowledge Base article, all I get is a blank page. Here’s a fix. Note: This problem has existed for some time… Safari 8.0.2, OS X 10.10.1 Yosemite. Open the Safari Preferences Click Privacy Show the list of stored cookies. Click Details… Delete the cookie Type apple in the […]

OS X (10.7 Mountain Lion) – Email Address Management – Contacts with multiple email addresses

When creating a new email to my brother, his work address auto-completes when I type his name. I want is home address to be automatic. Here’s the fix. Open the Mail, Address Panel From the Mail program, use the Window menu to open the Address Panel. Select the desired Contact. Find your brother in the […]

Roomie: A RedEye Alternative

While dealing with some RedEye quirks, I stumbled across iRule. It occurred to me that there have been some significant changes in the home A/V control landscape since I first install ThinkFlood’s RedEye a few years ago. After a little Google research, I decided to give Roomie Remote a tryout. The required App is currently available only […]

RedEye #0: Notes

Things learned about RedEye.   RedEye IP Stops Responding or Slows Down If the Port Script is edited, there may be an error in the script. There is no way for RedEye to gracefully accommodate errors, which normally involve syntax. To help avoid scripting errors, test your code in an IDE outside of RedEye. If […]

RedEye #6: Testing IP Control Codes

Knowing what a device returns after a command is received (sent by redid), helps design a control strategy.   Create System Variable, myInput, for the Control Code Point your web browser at the RedEye. Click Setup Click the Room Click Custom Variables   Click Add New Variable For Name enter myInput Value can remain empty […]

RedEye #5: Receive a Message from VSX via IP

After completing RedEye: Connect to Pioneer VSX via IP, the RedEye is already receiving messages from the VSX. Unfortunately, the VSX sends messages that may be longer than expected. This makes using the received messages more complicated than might otherwise be expected. The issue addressed here is how to display what the VSX is sending […]

RedEye #4: Connect to Pioneer VSX via IP

To proceed, you must have the following for the VSX: IP address ( Port number (23) Pioneer Receiver Network Settings Reserving an IP address for a client on your local network   Add the VSX Select the desired Manufacturer And Type Change the Port to Add New IP Port Enter your desired Display Name Click […]