Nikon 5700 trouble

My Nikon 5700 died a few months ago while we were on a trip to the North-West. My wife had been yearning for a new pocket camera anyway so we picked up a Nikon CoolPix S630 to complete the trip. It has lots of nice features and very easy to use.

With Christmas upon us, I’ve been looking for a deal on a replacement for my 5700. The current front runners are:
Canon PowerShot SX20IS
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35

Yesterday, I found that Nikon has issued a Service Advisory concerning the 5700’s image sensor. After a brief phone call to their Service Relations Department, I find that they may repair my camera for free!

I’ll probably still get a more powerful replacement camera, but it’s nice to know that the 5700 may live to fight another day.