RedEye #0: Notes

Things learned about RedEye.


RedEye IP Stops Responding or Slows Down

If the Port Script is edited, there may be an error in the script. There is no way for RedEye to gracefully accommodate errors, which normally involve syntax.
To help avoid scripting errors, test your code in an IDE outside of RedEye.
If the IP address or Port number is changed and saved within RedEye’s Devices Edit Port Settings, click Edit Port Script and click Apply Changes. Even if no changes are made to the script, the link between the script and port must be re-established, apparently.
If you find the RedEye isn’t as snappy as expected, try resetting it.
From the RedEye Maintenance page

  1. Backup Data
  2. Factory Reset
  3. Restore Data

If this doesn’t seem to help…
Download the latest firmware update from ThinkFlood
From the RedEye Maintenance page

  1. Backup Data (if needed)
  2. Upgrade Software (using the downloaded update)
  3. Restore Data (after RedEye restarts)

If RedEye continues to act-up, search the ThinkFlood Forums for advice on reseting.

Lua Script Testing For RedEye

To help develop error free code, use an IDE like ZeroBrane Studio. Of course, there are other options.

Finding IP Control Codes

Try searching google for your device and ip rs232 or custom install. Here’s a list for Pioneer, Pioneer AV Receivers
And specifically for the VSX-1121-K

Lua Block Comment Error

A block comment is fine …

--[[this is a


… unless it contains an embedded [[…


--[[this is a

… which totally whacks out RedEye.

RedEye Slider Values

Slider, Show value can’t be set (won’t stick) in web browser setup. Changes made using an IOS device do stick.

Custom Variables Are Stored as Strings

Using RedEye’s



always returns a string.
Convert it to a number before comparing to another number in an if statement. Example:

local c = tonumber(Scripting.GetVariable("IPmsgCount"))


iOS Stops updating Custom Variables

If iOS stops updating variables quit and re-launch on the iGadget.

Port Script Changes

To take effect, changes to the Port Script must be saved using the Save Changes (green) button on the Devices page.

RedEye Infinite Loops

Do not send device commands from within the PortListener. It can enter an infinite loop if the sent command returns a result (always for Pioneer VSX).
Infinite loops can be terminated by editing the PortListener script and saving it to the RedEye.

Multiple RedEye Device Entries for a Single Device

There can be a device (e.g. AV Receiver) that is setup in RedEye twice. Don’t use the IP address and Port combination more than once.