RedEye #2: AirPort Utility 6.x – Reserving an IP address for a client on your local network

Over time, a device’s Internet Protocol (IP) address can change unless you establish a reserved address within your router. With a reserved IP address, RedEye can maintain a reliable communications link with the device (client).

Before you continue, determine your device’s MAC address. That may be as simple as reading it from a printed label on the outside of the device. In the case of a Pioneer VSX receiver, use the VSX remote to navigate to the it’s setup menu.


Log onto the AirPort Extreme


Launch AirPort Utility 6.x.

  1. Click your router.
  2. Click Edit.

Navigate to the Network options


Click Network.

Add a new DHCP Reservation


Click plus to add a DHCP Reservation.

Reserve the IP address

  1. Enter a Description.
  2. Ensure that MAC Address is selected
  3. Enter your client’s MAC Address.
  4. Enter your desired IPv4 Address.
  5. Click Save.

Update the AirPort Extreme

  1. Your newly added IP client will be in the DHCP Reservations list.
  2. Click Update. The router will go off-line for a minute or so while it saves your changes.