RedEye #4: Connect to Pioneer VSX via IP

To proceed, you must have the following for the VSX:

  • IP address (
  • Port number (23)

Pioneer Receiver Network Settings
Reserving an IP address for a client on your local network


Add the VSX

  1. Select the desired Manufacturer
  2. And Type
  3. Change the Port to Add New IP Port
  4. Enter your desired Display Name
  5. Click Find Codes

Select a Codeset


At the time of this tutorial, there was just a single codeset for the VSX. It doesn’t quite match the VSX-1121-K, but the commands can be edited later as needed.
If you device doesn’t have a codeset, save the device without.

  1. Click the Codeset desired
  2. Click Save This Device

Port Settings

  1. Click Edit Port Settings

IP Settings

  1. Ensure the Protocol is set to TCP
  2. Enter the IP address as the Host Name
  3. Enter the Port Number
  4. Click OK

Test the IP Connection: Mute Toggle


With your VSX reveiver turned on, test the IP control from RedEye.

  1. Click Mute On/OFF
  2. Click Save Changes