Roomie: A RedEye Alternative

While dealing with some RedEye quirks, I stumbled across iRule. It occurred to me that there have been some significant changes in the home A/V control landscape since I first install ThinkFlood’s RedEye a few years ago.

After a little Google research, I decided to give Roomie Remote a tryout. The required App is currently available only for iPhone/iPad (iOS 5) through the  Roomie Remote - Cyphersoft, LLC. It costs $9.99 and allows for control of two Internet Protocol (IP) devices. To be really useful, the Home Theater Pack is required. This is an in-app purchase ($19.99) and allows for an unlimited number of rooms and IP controlled devices. So far, the cost is $29.98.

To control devices via Infrared (IR) two additional items are required: One software and one hardware. The software is again an in-app-purchase of the Infrared Control Pack for $9.99. The hardware is an iTach IR Adapter ($89.99-$99.99) which allows for IR control over IP. Depending on the installed A/V equipment, additional hardware may be required to connect everything to your local network. Since many of us have A/V equipment more than a couple years old, the IR setup is probably required. The cost is now up to $39.97 plus the iTach. About $150 with shipping.

There is one remaining in-app-purchase available: HD Guide Pack. With this pack installed, the single-day viewing guide is expanded to seven days.

It appears that Roomie may be a reasonable alternative to RedEye for iPhone/iPad users. Even with a total cost of nearly $160, it compares favorably with $199 for RedEye ($167.38 on Amazon, as of this writing). The look of Roomie on the iPad is a definite change from RedEye, and one for the better. At least that’s my initial impression.