Install TeamViewer – Mac

Installing TeamViewer enables you to share your screen with someone in another location.

Download TeamViewer


Go to the TeamViewer website.

  1. Download TeamViewer by clicking the Download button.

Mount the TeamViewer disk image

  • Wait for the download to complete.
  • Double-click the dmg file.

In Safari (shown):

  1. Click the Downloads button.
  2. Double-Click the TeamViewer icon.

You can also Double-Click TeamViewer in your Downloads folder.

Launch the TeamViewer Installer


After the dmg file opens, you’ll get a TeamViewer “hard drive” on your desktop.
A new window will open that contains the installer.

  1. Double-click the Installer.

Note: if the Installer window isn’t open, simply double-click the TeamViewer “hard drive” on your desktop.

Installer – Step 1


Click Continue.

Installer – Step 2


Click Continue.

Installer – Step 3


Click Agree.

Installer – Step 4

  1. Your hard drive will be shown here.
  2. Click Install.

Installer – Step 5


You need to approve using your (administrator) account.

  1. Enter your Password.
  2. Click Install Software.



Close the installer window. Click Close.

Initial setup – Start


Some initial settings…
Click Continue.

Unattended Access?


Normally, one doesn’t supply any password on this screen. If left blank, no one can remotely log onto your computer without an approval from your computer.

Click Continue.

All Done!


Click Finish.

TeamViewer Launches


This is the normal TeamViewer Application window.
When you want to share your screen, two pieces of information are needed:

  1. Your ID (9 digits)
  2. Password

Keep TeamViewer Handy


The TeamViewer icon should be in your Dock.
To keep it ready to run, without needing to search for it:

  1. Control-click the Dock icon.
  2. Move your mouse to Options.
  3. Then over to Keep in Dock, and click.

Automatically launchTeamViewer whenever you use your computer – Step 1


With TeamViewer running:

  1. Click TeamViewer in the menu bar (next to ?).
  2. Click Preferences…

Automatically launchTeamViewer whenever you use your computer – Step 2

  1. Click the General tab.
  2. Click the checkbox “Start TeamViewer with System“.
  3. Click Apply.
  4. Close the window. Click the Red Dot.