Adobe Flash & Safe Updates

Do you really need to update Flash or is someone trying to scam you? If you’re not sure how to determine if a Flash update window is genuine, DO NOT DO IT!

Adobe Flash Player is generally used within web browsers. Anything from video to games may require it. But, if you can get by without using it you’re better off. Especially if using a laptop since it’s notorious for depleting batteries very quickly.

There’s a simple way to determine if you need an update, and ensuring that it’s is genuine and safe.

So, if you experience a message, demanding that you update, follow the procedure below.

System Preferences


Open your System Preferences… via the Apple Menu.

Open Flash Player preferences


Click the Flash Player icon within the bottom section.

Updates tab


Click the Updates tab.

Check for update


There are two Flash plugin types, depending on the web browser you use.

  • NPAPA: Safari & Firefox
  • PPAPI: Opera & Chromium-based browsers. Chrome may have it built-in.

To check for updates, click Check Now.

You may install both plugins to cover all browsers you use.

Install Update


If an update is available, the above message will appear. It’s safe to install.

Adobe РFlash Player website for testing and downloading.