About Talon Techno

Talon Techno is my freelance, Mac OS X support, consulting, development, and home automation. I write about my projects and occasionally produce tutorials addressing tech problems I’ve solved.

I frequently develop in Filemaker Pro and AppelScript with occasional forays into XML, JavaScript, and a number of other web technologies.

A fair amount of my time is spent supporting my wife’s income tax preparation and consulting business. Since we’re a Mac household, supporting her business can be a challenge with so much of her tax software being Windows only. Emulation software and shared network storage solves most of her issues.

I’m a retired high school teacher (math, science, computer science, and aviation) and a pilot with degrees in physics and mechanical engineering. I’m a certified flight instructor but not currently active.

In 2006, my wife and I finished building a new home that incorporates many new and advanced technologies. Lots of low voltage stuff (home automation, whole house audio/video, security, networking) and green technologies. Having finished building an experimental aircraft in 1996 (Kitfox Model III), we chose to situate our home in a development with a private runway and included a new hanger for my airplane.

With my interest in aviation comes a companion interest in weather, so I’ve installed a personal weather station that uploads its data to the Weather Underground. Here’s our current weather:

Talon Techno was migrated to WordPress technology in December 2009.


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